Maroon 5 Playing At Super Bowl

Jesus Aguayo-Cerda, Writer

Football and the NFL have been a staple of American culture for at least 30 years and with this comes the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl itself contains an equally significant event, the halftime show, one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the year. The halftime show is home to artist like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Gloria Estefan. Maroon 5 will soon join these artist as they are set to headline the Super Bowl 53 Halftime show on Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, but should they even be performing at the halftime show?


Maroon 5 is a pop band that broke through the music scene in 2002 with their debut album Songs About Jane, an album that went 4x platinum and was instantly praised by critics. Since then, Maroon 5 has continued to make music, releasing albums like Hands All Over (2010) and V (2014). A measure of their success and longevity is the fact that year after a year they produce at least one hit song that is played constantly through the radio. The halftime show would in a way cement their legacy when considering that iconic bands like Coldplay, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The rolling stones have also performed at the event


Commenting on the sound of Maroon 5 and whether its a good fit for the halftime show is Adrian Farias, 12, a relatively new fan of the band.


“Maroon 5 goes hard dude. Like they make me want to fall in love,’’ Farias stated. “I could see them performing at the halftime show; I mean Coldplay did and their music is way more depressing.”


This year’s Super Bowl along with its halftime show will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The significance of the location is that Atlanta is the center of the most recent trends in rap and is home to  popular rappers such as the Migos, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug. Knowing this, fans of both the NFL and popular music assumed the NFL would acquire one of Atlanta’s native artist to headline the halftime show.


Damian Renteria, 12, shares his opinion on Atlanta rappers and the fact that they will not be performing at the halftime show.


“Well, pretty much everyone listens to rappers from Atlanta, so that says a lot and they have guys like Young Thug and the Migos who are always dropping music that do well,” Renteria said. “Honestly, they’re pretty dumb for not getting an Atlanta rapper; I mean it would have been perfect and they for sure would do a better job than Maroon 5.”


While their may be viewers who care about who performs at the halftime show, their may also be viewers of the NFL and the Super Bowl who do not really care. The only thing of importance for these viewers is watching the two best teams in the NFL duke it out in the Superbowl for the right to proclaim themselves as the greatest football team in the world.


Speaking on whether Maroon 5 or an Atlanta native artist should perform at the halftime show is Daniel Valdez, 12, an avid watcher of the NFL.


“I don’t really care about who performs at the halftime show, but I don’t know why the NFL just doesn’t have both Maroon 5 and some Atlanta rapper perform,” Valdez stated.

“ This doesn’t have to be an issue.”


While most NFL fans are uncertain of the choice of Maroon 5 to perform at the halftime show or just plain don’t care, one thing is certain. Come Feb. 3 people all across America will unite online to find that one absurd moment in the Super Bowl halftime show that they can mock and make fun of as a community. Last year it was Justin Timberlake’s peculiar wardrobe – more specifically that ridiculous horse shirt – and the year before that it was the way Lady Gaga dove onto the stage as if she were Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. No matter who performs they will commit some foolish act that will cause people to unify online in order to make fun of that one sweet moment.