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Jasmine Fernandez

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

For Jasmine Fernandez,12, it’s about the journey and the destination. As a student involved in almost all aspects of Downey High from Theater to Newspaper she loves having goals and pursuing success. “In five years I want to be pursuing something more.” Fernandez stated, “The thing that I would want the least coming out of college is not knowing what to do.’’  


When I first met Jaz I was surprised at how lovable she is. This girl who is the current Editor in Chief for newspaper, who is a quiz bowl state champion, and the president of the writing center, put so much on her shoulders and will make you surprised at how well she handles everything that gets thrown at her. Jasmine Fernandez is the girl who makes you want to live her life for even a second, adored by all who meet her and baffled by how many faculty members she has befriended; to the point where she even attended board meetings.


She is the silly person everyone wants to be friends with, I mean if you saw someone sitting in a Panera for eight hours wouldn’t you have the urge to go speak to this mindless girl?


Many people call her ‘mom’  seeing how she cares for all of her friends, and honestly everyone who she meets. Instead of calling her my mom I would prefer to call her my comrade, seeing how we both go through the same struggles in life, dealing with the drawbacks of high school and life.

Rather than letting the torments get to her and slow down her path to Cornell Jasmine confidently thrives on through high school, as she states, “I am so grateful for the opportunities i’ve had and lessons i’ve learned in those gates but i’m also really excited to move onto the next”. Having the ability to push obstacles out of her way to focus on what actually deserves her attention, causes many around her to envy her, and secretly hate her, but that is besides the point.

-Vanessa Carillo

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Jasmine Fernandez