One Night Only

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

One Night Only, Downey High’s Improv Club, returns for the 2016-2017 school year bigger and better than ever. With a fresh roster of aspiring comedians, the club explores the depth and complexity of making people laugh.


Known for having an unabashed, hilarious personality, Jeff Lucena, 10, expresses his enthusiasm to be part of a community that allows him to express himself.


“I’ve always liked making people laugh; it feels good,” Lucena said. “When you’re up on the stage, you get that warm tingly feeling.”


In preparation for performances, the actors develop stylistic techniques to solidify their improvisation skills by playing warm-up games.


One game has actors perform three line skits that establish the basic components of a scene, while another, called “Yearbook,” has actors build personalities for one another in a school club setting.


Some of the club’s members take the improvisation aspect to heart, as James Colom, 10, does. In describing his style of comedy, Colom does not label it.


“I just kind of go with things and see where it takes me,” Colom said. “If it can make people laugh, I’ll roll with it, and if I can’t, I’ll try something else.”


Not only does the club have short term benefits, but members like David Ortiz, 10, believe acting among peers evokes the desire to continue with improv.


“I enjoy watching others act and improvise,” Ortiz said. “It does inspire me and motivate me a lot to go out and try things.”


The entertainment community considers improvisation a sport of wit and quick-thinking, taking two-dimensional situations and building upon them to set a scene. Much like a novel, movie, or play, these skits consist of subjects, settings, and conflicts. However, in improvisation, all of these details are made up on the spot by participating actors.
One Night Only, previously known as Comedy Sports, meets on Wednesdays in room T-1. See Mr. Hansen for more information.