One Night Only Improv

Vicky Arguello, Writer

One Night Only, Downey High’s Improv Club, held a show on Jan. 12 featuring aspiring comedians and hosted by Mr. Hansen. The show took place in the Downey High School Theater at 5 p.m. with an entree fee of $5 at the door and $3 pre-sale.


In improv, participants play different games to warm up for performances. A popular game that the team plays is a game called Four Square and involves four different performers that form a square that can be revolved so two people are in a scene at all times.


Comedy lover, Jenny Estrada, 11, attended Friday’s event and described what she loved most about the show.


“I love all of the different games that they play and it reminds me of the show, Whose Line Is it Anyways?”  Estrada said. “The shows that the club puts on make me laugh just as much as that show.”


One goal that the club has this year is to be able to have newcomers perform in a show for their first time. They are also planning on having future leaders prepared to coach future members who will join in the coming years.


Natalie Ramirez, 9, enjoys watching different forms of entertainment and specifically enjoys watching stand up comedians.


“I love watching stand up, but there’s something special about improv,” Ramirez said. “It’s genuine comedy and it’s on the spot so every show is unique.”


Participating in the club since his freshman year, Edward Estrella, 12, explains what the money collected at each show goes towards and why people should come out to support the club.


“The money we collect goes to future club T-shirts and having professional improv people help teach us new things,” Estrella said. “People should come out to support the show because it’s a fun time and so students who are interested should try out.”


One Night Only Improv meets and practices in the T-1 bungalows every Wednesday.  For more information on joining and upcoming shows any students can talk to the adviser, Mr. Hansen.