Trump Can’t Tweet

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

After a year and a half of Trump-trumped media, Donald J. Trump defeated his Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton, and became the United States’ president-elect. Despite the droves of controversy prior to the actual election, there is one question in particular that is burrowing itself into the minds of Americans everywhere: Is Trump fit to lead? Prior to November 8’s events, the Republican candidate’s press team revoked his tweeting privileges and implied just that: If Donald Trump can barely handle control of his Twitter account, how will he cope with leading a country?


Possibly one of Trump’s most notorious qualities is his ability to tweet to his millions of followers without a filter, going as far as slandering his opponents and anyone who might disagree with his views. While I can’t speak for Trump’s press team, I can only assume every tweet becomes another PR disaster for Melania Trump to sweep under the proverbial rug with a rushed press conference. In fact, Trump’s complete disregard for caution in his expression online has been the central focus of many campaigns against his candidacy, particularly amongst influencers online and beyond.


Admittedly, I’ve purged myself of Trump’s tweets with Twitter’s handy block button, but it’s difficult to avoid the commotion that surrounds every move he makes: his tweets are half the reason he is as controversial as he is, especially in how contradictory his beliefs appear to be. An example of those beliefs include Trump’s stances on climate change– they seem to shift quicker than global warming itself. His enthusiastic denial of denouncing the issue makes the entire situation that much more comical.


I’m doubtful as to Trump’s leading abilities; it’s obvious to me that he is nowhere near as prepared for the position as his opponent, and his immaturity outshines any redeeming qualities he might have. As emphasized by his press team’s decision earlier this month, his integrity as a candidate, let alone the leader of the free world, is very much questionable.


Only time will tell if Donald Trump can effectively lead America, though many speculate nothing but negatives to come out of the next four years. Twitter scandals or not, drama online pales in comparison to executive rule.