JSA One-Day

Leading the Jan. 20 One-Day convention with president and sophomore Sade Neri (far right), Allyssa Chan, 10, (center right) upholds the responsibility of co-vice president in and out of club meetings. “We tried to advertise the convention as much as possible, spreading fliers to Twitter and social media,” Chan said. “Thankfully, people from our chapter are really enthusiastic and made our first One-Day a success.”

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

Downey High’s JSA debate club held their first One-Day convention on Jan. 20, opening their doors to students from across Southern California.


Although Downey’s club attends quarterly events hosted by the Southern California chapter, the school’s board members coordinated with those of the chapter’s to organize a local conference. The convention’s theme was “Equality In The 21st Century” with resolutions covering topics from the fairness of affirmative action to the true purpose of the late feminist movement.


In attendance was JSA member Garrett Gurrola, 11, who contributed his thoughts to various debates throughout the day.


“The One-Day has been my favorite [event] yet!,” Gurrola said. “To be able to meet people from around the state and to debate them was an experience I’ll never forget.”


People from around the county congregated in the theater to begin the day; some individuals were seasoned JSA members, even holding cabinet positions, whereas others had never attended a meeting in their high school career. President and two-year member of the Downey branch, Sade Neri, 10, moderated some debates and participated in others while presiding over the convention.


“I think the best part is always being able to see people who came in new develop this passion to debate and meet other people who can hang out outside of school but still have disagreements,” Neri said. “Now in today’s society, it’s difficult to find that since many people from opposite sides of [the] political spectrum have immense hatred toward each other.”


Multiple opinions took to the floor for every debate, sparking conversation beyond the room in which that particular resolution took place. Assisting Neri with organizing the event was co-Vice President Allyssa Chan, 10, who has also been a part of JSA since her freshman year.


“My favorite part of the club is watching everyone go crazy when they hear something that they care about and, in response, share their opinions on a heated topic,” Chan stated. “I loved getting to go to debates and thought talks while being able to meet new people and get even closer to people in our chapter.”

For more information regarding the club, follow Downey JSA on Twitter or see Mr. Broun in room B211. Meetings are every Monday after school.