Overcoming Cancer: Anais Bald

Jesus Aguayo-Cerda, Writer

The year before her diagnosis, Anais Bald, 12, would frequently get sick and, unbeknownst to her, cancer was to blame.


In June of 2017,  Bald was diagnosed with 3B Ocular Melanoma, a skin cancer that found its way to her right eye. She had to undergo surgery a week after her diagnosis to have her right eye removed. Although her cancer was successfully removed, Bald receives tests every three months to ensure she remains cancer free.


When diagnosed, Balds first thoughts were “How can someone have skin cancer in their eye? How can I have that?”


Being diagnosed with cancer can change a person’s view on the world. It is a life altering disease to say the least. For Bald, it changed her view of the world for the better.


“Before the diagnosis I was very unhappy,” Bald stated. “I didn’t appreciate life like I do now. I would have never been the person who donates any money I can to childhood cancer research.”


Cancer is difficult to cope with, but Bald overcame both the physical and mental challenges put in her way. Physical challenges such as having to get her right eye removed and mental  challenges like learning to live with only her left eye as her only source of vision. In congruence with her grievances towards her cancer, one of the hardest obstacles she faced was the fact that the cancer was located in her right eye.


“Getting an ultrasound on my eyeball was worse than removing my eye,” Bald said. “But adjusting to not having an eye ( I still don’t like my fake one) is so difficult.”


She thanks the “amazing activities” at the Keck Hospital of University of Southern California for helping her persevere through the difficult times. She also found solace in listening to various music artists, such as Lil Peep and Bexey Swan, and spending time with her family, specifically her grandma and cousin Emily.


Speaking on how her view of family changed after being diagnosed, Bald claims her perception of family remained the same.


“My view on family hasn’t really changed. I’ve always loved my family,” Bald said


When asked if she had any advice to offer those going through a struggle similar to hers, Bald said to choose optimism before pessimism.


“Try to make the most out of the small victories in your situation,” Bald stated. “I know it sounds cheesy, but you can become so grateful for just getting to live life.”


Anais is a cancer fighter and had her right eye removed due to her battle. Even though she has pride in her victory over cancer, she wishes to leave that in her past and move forward—not wanting to be known as “the girl with the glass eye”.


She continues going to school and is interested in art, music, and photography. She also greatly enjoys going to concerts, her favorite being a Bexey Swan LA show.


Bald now intends to turn the page on this harrowing yet character building chapter of her life and take advantage of her new found knowledge.


Whenever Bald is able to she donates to Team Lilly, a foundation that helps children with cancer, as she explained  “childhood cancer is grossly underfunded.”


If you would like to donate to Team Lilly please visit the link below.