End of the Year Gala: Femineers

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

As the end of the school year is approaching, clubs around campus are concluding their yearly activities. One of these clubs is Femineers, a club that focuses on young women who are interested in engineering.This year is the third annual Femineers gala.


Femineers is advised by Ms. Lara, who allows members to participate in STEM related activities such as building robots. The events consisted of a variety of showcases from the schools around the district such as Warren, Doty, etc.


Throughout the year, the girls undertook projects that challenged them mentally. Olivia Baltazar,11,  recounts her favorite project.


“My favorite project was the wearable technology,” Baltazar said. “ The headbands are convenient to wear, but also showcase what we have been working on.”


The club accepts applications at the beginning of the year.. There are many reasons why someone would choose to join this club. The club promotes many opportunities for girls to expand their curiosity, even if they do not wish to continue in engineering.


Freshman Alyssa Abando joined this club because she wanted to express herself and her interests.


“I wanted experience in engineering,” Abando said. “I joined because it allows me to experience my passions in a fun way.”


As the events came to a close, the students look back at what they learned from the club. Along with this, they also looked at the projects other schools in the district have completed The projects all related to the STEM topic.


Freshman Camila Avalos recalls the biggest lesson she learned throughout the year.


“This club has taught me to be engaged in my interests and the people around me,” Avalos said. “I am excited to see how the skills I learned in this club can be used in other places.”


This club is in partnership with the ‘Femineers’ program at Cal Poly Pomona, in which the main goal is to promote the field. Students who are interested in joining the club should seek more information from Ms. Lara in room C-207.