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Gilberto Jijon

Gilberto Jijon, Business Manager

Being in The Downey Legend for the first year, Gilberto Jijon, 12, will be joining the Business Team this 2018-19 school year and aspires to succeed in not just this class, but with his future. “I hope being here will eventually help me get into college to pursue a career in Marketing,” Jijon said. “Marketing means business, so hopefully being a part of the Business Team will lead me in that direction.”   


Fierce. That’s it. That’s the word to describe Gilberto.


Gilberto has the brightest personality that can light up a room. When I walked into the newspaper room in the beginning of the year, I knew no one, but I had the opportunity to sit next to one of the nicest people I have ever met. He basically took me under his wing and helped me break out of my shell. Gilberto’s the type of person to be straight up with you and keep it real. This type of personality that inspires people, including myself.  I have experienced so many things with him throughout the year, a highlight being my first time going to Chipotle. Another aspect that makes Gilberto who he is are his iconic nails. I’d like to think that they represent him as a person. A strong individual who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. But nonetheless, no matter what happens, I am proud of him. I have seen him grow so much throughout the year, not only as a photographer, but as a kindhearted individual. Wherever he ends up going, I know that he will bring so much joy and compassion to his peers, just like he did with me.

-Francesca Ortiz

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Gilberto Jijon