Homework: Is it a Help or a Hindrance

Lukas Luna and Gilberto Jijon

It is far too common to find high school students swamped with a seemingly insurmountable workload. Unfortunately, Downey High School is no different. In an attempt to enlighten her younger students to this problem, English teacher Mrs. Roveri has assigned some of her sophomores to write an essay on homeworks effect on student’s lives.


Students tasked with this essay are given a variety of articles and statistics to help them form an argument. Sophomore Malik Hunter finds that the information only serves to support his conception of homework as a hindrance.


“Seeing all the statistics in the article just help to backup my point,” Hunter said. “It is too stressful, it is taking time out of our days, and it is giving us lower grades.”  


While seeing the statistics presented in the articles served as a wake up call for some, others, like sophomore, Selma Sanchez, are all too familiar with homeworks troubling effects on student’s lives.

“It kind of limits me from going to parties, hanging out with friends, or even something less than that like watching TV with the family.” Sanchez said “I feel like haven’t been able to do those things as often because of all the homework I have.”


Even with the consensus among students that homework hinders them, the benefits it provides are not lost among Mrs. Roveri’s sophomores. Xander Subdias is one of the many who accept the help it offers despite its flaws.  


“There are a lot of problems with homework, but it still helps me out” Subdias said “The practice I get from it helps me better understand lessons.”   


While students generally dislike homework for trivial reasons, the more pressing matters homework entails are often ignored by the larger student body. If enough of Mrs. Roveri’s students undertake this essay, then perhaps more Downey High students will become enlightened to the problems that homework causes.