Kapoli vs. Downey

Katherine Portillo, Photographer

Starting a new tradition, the Downey High School Football team traveled to Oahu, Hawaii, to play against Kapolei High School in a heated match of tackle football. Along with the football players, Downey High also took the spirit squad to cheer on the boys.


To start their Hawaii experience off right, immediately after landing they were taken to the Aulani Disney Resort to unpack and get settled. Because the big game was less than two days away, the Viking boys practiced on Aulani’s private beach. 


As the day of the football game came about, the Vikings were ready to take on Kapolei High School. Downey fought long and hard, unfortunately,  in the end the Vikings came up a bit short and ended up losing 28 to 31. The football players did not feel this was right.


The team, feeling cheated were very upset with this turn out. Sergio Romero, 11, varsity football player stated, “We were cheated’, Romero continued. “They threw unnecessary flags all throughout the game.”


In addition to the football team and spirit squad, a few students of Downey High School were lucky enough to travel to Oahu to cheer on their football team, as well. But for those who could not travel to Oahu and still wanted to cheer on their team, Downey High School provided a live stream, so everyone who wanted to, could follow the action.


Having cousins that go to Kapolei High School, Brianna Rodriguez, 11, did get to visit the island to watch her cousin take on the Vikes. Rodriguez felt Downey had a great support system, many family members and faculty of Downey were there to cheer on the Vikes. “I was sitting on the Home side with Kapoli but looking over at Downey’s side I saw how many supporters they had” Rodriguez went on. “It really showed the viking pride that we, as a school, strive for.”


As stated earlier, Downey High School also took the spirit team to cheer on the stands and the Vikings boys. Because of the outcome of the game, people relied on the lady vikings to keep the spirit at a high level.


This trip was the spirit’s team first time performing as one group, Maya Garcia’s, 11, first year as a lady vike on the spirit team “It was nerve wracking but adrenaline took over” Garcia later went on to say. “The boys tried their best, even with the end score we all still had so much fun and will never forget this trip.”


Even with the outcome of the game, the students of Downey High School were still proud of their vikes, as many players were congratulated by staff and their peers for putting up a hard fight. The Football players are excited and hopeful for next year as Downey hosts Kapolei High, here on viking turf, hoping for redemption.