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Katherine Portillo

Katherine Portillo, Photographer

Going on her second year apart on The Downey Legend, Katherine Portillo has been able to acquire a greater understanding of what an ideal work ethic consists of, as she has contributed to the team as both a writer and a photographer. Outside of the newsroom, Portillo utilizes volleyball as an outlet to free herself of any disturbances off the court. She volunteers her time at Assisteens, and partakes as correspondence secretary, advocating for mental health. Portillo intends on shedding a brighter light towards society’s unspoken conversation surrounding the psychological well-being of our youth and has hopes of becoming either a family psychologist or elementary school teacher. “I’m not quite sure what the future has in store for me, but if I am passionate about what I am doing, I have no doubts that my happiness will follow,” Katherine Portillo, 12, assures.


Having made a lot of personal growth this past year, Portillo encourages others to, “not worry about what others think, and instead prioritize yourself to do you.”


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Katherine Portillo