How to keep entertained during Quarantine

Katherine Portillo, Photographer

As coronavirus cases in the United States increases, the need for people to stay inside begins to skyrocket. This quarantine has come as a shock to everyone around the world and many people are struggling to stay entertained during this time. Daily walks, board games, and streaming services are a few of the ways that Downey High School students are keeping up with quarantine. Along with these, other kids are doing activities to make the most of this time.


Some elementary schools in the district are giving their students fun and artistic projects to help manage their time at home. A few of the things they are doing to help quarantine be a bit smoother is virtual spirit days, writing letters, and making chalk walls. Isabella Bince, 11, talks about how her and her family keep entertained amid COVID-19.


“My family and I love to draw on our driveway with chalk so our neighbors driving or walking by can see positive and cute messages along with doodles,” Bince stated. “We first only did it because my little brother’s school made it a project but it was an amazing way to get out of the house and be entertained with my siblings.”


Because of the social distancing law, the app Tik Tok has increased with many new users. Even celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Tyga, Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello have hopped on the wave of this app as a source of entertainment during these historic times of COVID-19. Downey High School student talked about her love for the app.


Lia Gamboa, 10, spoke, “All I really do during quarantine is go on Tik Tok, like all day,” Gamboa states. “My screen time has gone up so much just because of this app.”


The current pandemic has brought on a lot of stress and tension to people all over the world due to many things like their jobs, school work, and money issues. Finding fun activities that help relieve stress is important. Junior, Emily Repreza spoke on ways she deals with the nerves of quarantine.


“My brother and I love painting, we search up a random subject and then just begin.” Repreza continued. “Painting is fun, it passes time super fast, and helps get our minds off of the scary things we see in the news in regards to Corona.”


Students of Downey High are doing everything in their power to stay content during quarantine. Even with the restrictions COVID-19 has forced upon us, Vikings are figuring out ways to make the best of the situation.