5 Questions with Mr. Warhurst

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Q1: Did you expect any of the three awards?

A1: I had no idea I was going to receive the award.  When I saw my 95 year old mother at the faculty meeting where Mr. Houts announced the award I was shocked.


Q2: What does it feel like to be recognized for the same thing [teaching] by an organization, a school district, and the school you teach at?

A2: I feel very humbled.  It is certainly an honor to receive these awards, but I feel there are so many teachers at Downey High School that deserve this award as well.


Q3: How long have you been part of Downey Unified School District?

A3: I have been teaching at Downey High School since the fall of 1986.  This is my 29th year in the DHS math department.


Q4: What do these awards mean to you?

A4: I feel a sense of validation, not only for me, but for the entire math department at Downey High School.  It has been a very challenging time in education transitioning to the Common Core.  Our math department has accepted the challenge and is working hard for the sake of our students.


Q5: What are your teaching plans for the years to come? Would you consider coaching a sport again?

A5: I loved my years coaching football at DHS (21 years in all) but I now am involved with opportunity to raise my own children, who are now both in high school.  I look forward to finishing my career here as a math teacher and continuing on as a husband and father.