5 Questions with Julissa Chavez

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer

Senior Julissa Chavez works as a Zumba instructor on Monday and Thursday nights to promote a fun way to get active.

Q1: How did you first learn about Zumba?

A1: My sister would always tell me that there was a Zumba studio close to our house, but I was never actually interested in taking a class. Out of the blue one day, she woke me up really early in the morning and made me take the class with her. I was completely exhausted after the first class, but I immediately fell in love with Zumba!

Q2: Did you have a lot of experience with Zumba before you became an instructor?

A2: I was very consistent in going to my favorite Zumba class every night after I got my homework done, so that’s where I got a lot of my experience; however, it was only four months after I had started Zumba that the owner of the studio offered me a job as an instructor. Her offer was very surprising to me because I had never actually considered being an instructor before.

Q3: What did you have to do to become an instructor?

A3: Before you can actually be allowed to teach your own Zumba class, you have to get certified. I had to take a training session that lasted a whole day and at the end I was officially certified by the trainer of the session.

Q4: What’s your favorite part of teaching a Zumba class?

A4: I love all of the people who come to my class and smile at me during the hour long session even when I can see how tired they are. It makes me feel great knowing that not only are they getting a good workout from my class, but they are also having fun and enjoying themselves in the process.

Q5: How do you juggle being a high school senior and a Zumba instructor?

A5: There were many instances where my job got in the way of my academics, but I stuck through with because Zumba always kept me busy and, it taught me new responsibilities and time management skills that I never had prior to being an instructor.