5 Questions with Aryana Dantic


Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Senior Aryana Dantic shares a close bond with her Yorkie mix named Porko, because Dantic and her dog Porko share many similarities.

Q1: Do a lot of people say that you and Porko act alike?

A1: Yes, a lot of people say that Porko and I act alike. I’ve had him since I was in the 4th grade, so I would say him and I adapted many similar traits. That may sound weird; we’re just really connected to each other compared to other dogs and their owners.

Q2: What is your dog like?

A2: Porko is very obedient and friendly. He acts very playful and excited at times and can also be very shy and lazy sometimes. Overall, he’s 6 pounds of pure love and he tries to act like a big dog sometimes when he’s so small.

Q3: What is your relationship with him like?

A3: I would say my relationship with my dog is super close—closer than any other dog and their owner for sure. He’s treated like royalty in my house and even like he’s a whole other human our bond is unbreakable; he definitely knows he is loved and won’t ever leave the house considering how well he is treated by me.

Q4: What is the most interesting thing about Porko?

A4: The most interesting thing about Porko is that he was my very first dog and I had to beg my mom to get me him. She and my brother refused to get him but now they’re the most obsessed with him and thank me all the time that I begged to get him! Also, I got him right after my grandpa passed away, and we were really close. I was devastated, so when I got Porko a month later he really was a boost of happy in my life and reminded me of my grandpa how he acted; he’s more than a dog.

Q5: Do you think you’ll take him with you if you ever move away?

A5: I don’t think I’ll ever take him when I move away because my mom won’t ever let me or speak to me if I took him. He’s my dog but she’s grown such a bond with him herself that she’d rather get rid of me before she gets rid of Porko.