5 Questions with Lesly Lasso

Lucy Hernandez, Writer/Public Relations Manager/ News Editor

Senior Lesly Lasso sheds light on how she keeps it cool, calm and kind at all times.


Q1: Who is your inspiration?


A1: My inspiration is my big brother Carlos. Ever since I was little he always taught me to be a kind person and treat people the way I want to be treated. He is a really good person and he is the person who taught me to respect others no matter who they are. I really look up to him. He is my hero.


Q2: Why are you so kind hearted?


A2: I’m kind because I feel like everyone should be kind. I don’t think it is okay when people are mean to each other. Like “Dude, be nice.”


Q3: What motto do you live by?


A3: Treat others how you want to be treated.


Q4: How would you describe yourself?

A4; I would describe myself as a really inspirational person. I’m good with advice and I’m always there for people who need me.


Q5: Would you say you are a good person?


A5: Yes, I would say I’m a good person. I have been told that I’m kind and a lot of people like how I am and respect me.