5 Questions with Tracy Molina

On Feb. 18, Tracy Molina was informed that she placed to go to regionals for Skills USA, which will take place in San Diego, after winning a bronze medal for Intermediate Drafting Engineering.


Q1. Why did you sign up to be a part of Skills USA?

A1. I signed up last year and I thought it was fun. Since now I am a senior, I can get scholarships from it too, and it looks really nice on applications.


Q2. What part did you participate in?
A2. I participated in Intermediate Drafting Engineering because last year I was a beginner. Basically what I had to do was go in a room and they handed me an envelope with the design inside that the wanted me to construct. Mine was a fire extinguisher holder. They took me to another room where there was a computer and they gave me about a two hour time limit to reconstruct the design. You not only have to make three models, but also a diagram of it. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but you just have to be really precise.


Q3. Where do you stand in the competition as of now?

A3. They just informed me that I am going to San Diego and I received a bronze medal.


Q4. Is this contest extremely nerve racking for you?

A4. Yes, very. After you’re done taking your exam, it’s very nerve racking. You think you might have messed up, like your models might have been off by a few centimeters or there is a chance they won’t understand the diagram when they try to rebuild it.


Q5. How many people are you running up against?

A5. In San Diego I think we’re going up against around 16 people. It’s getting smaller now.