More About the Wellness Center

Gabriela Guzman, Writer

Located in Room A-101, is the Wellness Center, which is a program that offers students mental health support. The Wellness Center is a safe space to help students find support for any physical, mental, emotional, and social concerns they may have. It also embellishes cozy bean bag seats and couches and pleasing artwork to provide a welcoming and comforting environment for students. The Wellness Center also provides individual and group counseling services. 


Ms. Rosado, the clinical school therapist, adds that students that have visited the Wellness Center have felt comfortable seeking support without judgment. She believes most students come to school with stress, anxiety, or sadness which negatively prevent them from being able to stay focused and learn. 


“Many students who have visited the wellness center have expressed that they feel supported when they speak to someone in the Wellness Center,” says Ms. Rosado. “They feel more relaxed, and some students have learned better ways to cope, which has positively impacted their academic progress.”


Valerie Romero, 11, a Link Crew student would describe the Wellness Center as a very calming and soothing place where she feels safe and comfortable. She believes that students should have access to such a program. 


“It’s important for students to have access to the Wellness Center because it lets them know that there are people who will listen to their problems and be there for them,” Romero said. “It’s also just a great place to cry and let out your emotions.”


The Wellness Center provides quick services to help students whenever they need it. Before taking a visit to the Wellness Center, students should talk to a teacher or counselor for a reference to visit the Wellness Center. When visiting, students need to check in with the clerical assistant, Thomas Cortez. After checking in students can either self-regulate for a short period of time or talk to a staff member for support. The Wellness Center welcomes all students and helps them overcome mental health challenges.