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Social Isolation: How it Affected Our Brains

Valerie Mora, Photographer May 1, 2021

COVID-19 has abruptly forced almost everyone into a long period of social isolation, and humans do not  typically do well in these situations since they are such social creatures. Students, teachers,...

How a Positive Mental Health Leads to Positive Physical Health

Katherine Portillo, Photographer March 17, 2021

The stigma around mental health is still very apparent even in the year 2021, this is very harming to today's youth. Mental health is a very real issue that needs to be made a priority to everyone. Keeping...

Mental Illness Awareness – Therapy

Katherine Portillo, Photographer February 8, 2021

Dealing with mental health is different for everyone. Once diagnosed with a disorder, a very common option to help offer support to the person may be therapy. In 2021, we started to shy away from the overall...

Mental Health

Jezabel Perez, Podcaster November 15, 2020

Mental Health Amid Covid-19: Update

Katherine Portillo, Photographer May 19, 2020

As the days get longer in quarantine we continue to see distress in the mental health of others. Many popular news outlets like CNN, Time Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times have posted articles on how...

Mental Health Amid COVID-19

Katherine Portillo, Photographer April 15, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to increase we start to see a decline in mental health as well. This could be brought upon by many things such as not being able to leave the house, the nerves of this disease...

To believe that you are okay is what, Rebecca Melendez, 12, deems most important for mental health. “Mental health means to me that you are okay and believe that you are okay because from my experience I have seen my friends say they are okay when they weren’t,” Melendez stated. “What helps me is sitting by myself to collect my thoughts listening to music. Yoga has also been a big help for me because it makes me relax from when I am in my head and overthinking.”

Stigma Around Mental Health

Katherine Portillo and Jaylene Cardona March 13, 2020

Dealing with Mental Health issues is very difficult, let alone dealing with these problems as teenagers, especially when we are barely figuring out who we are as people and what our purpose is.  By...

How Mental Health Affects your Physical Health

Katherine Portillo, Photographer March 11, 2020

Many people are afraid to speak on the topic of mental health because society tells us it is not important, or at least, not as important as your physical well being. How can this be true with problems...

Attending Writing and Arts at the Writing Center on March 10, Jasmine Maldonado, 11, feels secure in a place outside of home. “It is important to make sure your mental health is stable so you won’t feel anxious or disoriented, especially because college and SATs are coming up.” Maldonado continues, “Also, a lot of people struggle with their mental health and it’s not healthy to have a lot of stress. Many people struggle to find happiness or to be positive. So I think what Downey High is doing is very resourceful.”

Art and Writing: Dealing with Anxiety

Diego Martinez and Carla Vente March 10, 2020

On Tuesday, March. 10, the Downey High student body recognized the struggles of the average student and made the day full of awareness on the topic of anxiety. A student-lead gathering was held in...

During the second week of March, Downey High School dedicated a full week in regards to Mental Health. Sofia Rodriguez (Left), 12, and Tyler Hanks (Right), 12, spent their lunch in the Writing Center for a Meditation Session on Monday, March 9th. “I love the idea of Mental Health Week because it can help me and my peers out,” Hanks said. “When there’s a big test, I get really anxious but I try to think positive and tell myself that it’s only a test.”


Lukas Luna and Arely Macedo March 10, 2020

Downey High School’s mental health week was kicked off on Monday, March 9, with a meditation session held in the writing center at both lunches. Students were provided with mats and chairs to help them...

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