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Valerie Mora

Valerie Mora, Co-Copy Editor

As a determined future psychologist, Valerie Mora, 11, enters her second year of Newspaper as Co-copy editor. With an ambition to go to college to make her parents proud, Mora plans to get her masters and major in psychology. Mora has a deep passion for fashion and enjoys shopping in her free time. Mora shared that she finds enjoyment in photography and art. Mora’s great interest for art allows her to be creative and view ideas from different perspectives and angles. Mora is also ambitious and goes after anything she sets her mind to, and is widely independent since she always figures her own things out. Mora’s passions and interests all correlate with her understanding and appreciation for art. 


“I know myself more due to COVID since I was forced to spend time alone with myself,” Mora explains. “That was definitely a plus side to being quarantined and I’ve had some very good friendships come out of it online.”

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Valerie Mora