Poparazzi: New Trending app around campus

Valerie Mora, Editor-In-Chief

One of the latest trends around campus is a new app called Poparazzi and is available to iPhone users and soon to be available for Android users. This app mimics as if you, the user, are a poparazzi for your friends, not allowing a front facing option for selfies. It is known as,  “the app that bans selfies,” since you can only take pictures for others and only other users can take pictures for your profile.


The new social media app has been becoming really popular among students since now we can see each other and capture memories of friends. Many people are introducing the app to friends which is how student Tina Bui, 11 found out about it. She commonly uses the app when there are fun events or poparazzi perfect moments.


“I use it,  honestly, when there’s like fun events going on or during snack… honestly at random times, but that’s what I like about it, ” Bui stated. “Like we can just take pictures whenever you want, at any time.”


Many students like the fact that this app is very friend oriented, like student Caterina Becerri, 11. She uses Poparazzi on a weekly basis and enjoys how interactive the app is.


“I like the fact that you can only post pictures of other people and vice versa,” Bercerri stated. “It creates a more interactive use of social media rather than just posting about yourself.”


In summary, this app is starting to create a little bit of selflessness in this self-centered social media word. Many people enjoy that part as well being able to connect with friends through Poparazzi.