Winter Formal: Worth it or Not ? (student opinion)

Valerie Mora, Editor-In-Chief

This school year Downey High School is hosting a Winter Formal on January 29 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Tickets are being sold at snack and lunch for 65 dollars without ASB and 55 dollars with ASB. Student opinions are quite mixed on this topic, but many believe that this winter formal is unnecessary or not the best option for a school function as the COVID -19 rates are climbing everyday.


As mentioned, COVID-19 rates seem to be going up everyday, and there are more absences daily. Student, Selma Dweik, 12, gives us insight on her opinion concerning that students might not attend the formal because of the recent increase in cases. 


 “I don’t think it’s worth having a winter formal because given the recent increase in covid cases and the high ticket prices, it’s certainly expected that students wouldn’t attend,” stated Dweik.  “Therefore, the school has unnecessarily risked a ridiculous amount of debt (in paying for this winter formal) just for an insufficient number of students to attend this dance.”


Some students are on the fence about this formal, like student Priscilla Pacheco,11, who is not going to the formal, but understands where our school is coming from, making a dance for students to have a fun event.

“I don’t think the winter formal was completely necessary, especially in a place that is not the school. I do understand the school trying to make more fun events happen though,” stated Pacheco. “Although they do seem to be taking precautions such as vaccination proof and a negative COVID-19 result, I do not think it is very safe at the moment especially when the numbers in COVID-19 cases are rising so quickly.”


Yet,  some students do believe that it’s worth going because for some, it may be their last year here, or others just hope to have fun with their friends. One of these  students, Caterina Becerril, 11, cannot wait for the dance especially after a year of no school activities due to COVID-19.


“I think it’s worth having a winter formal, especially after not being able to go out because of the coronavirus,” stated Becerril.  “I know a lot of people who aren’t going to the dance due to COVID-19 reasons but the dance is outside and as long as you social-distance I think it’s fine.”


In summary, it is up to the students to decide whether or not they choose to go to this year’s winter formal. No matter a student’s opinion on this, we should respect it, and that everyone at the winter formal has fun, and everyone who doesn’t go stays safe at home. All that matters in these times is to stay safe and social distance.