CTE Programs: Dance


For the students who have enrolled in Dance 3, the class has grown from an alternative of Physical Education to becoming the hatching ground of lasting friendships. Being the last class of a 3 year program, many students find it to be their favorite period of the day. No matter the skill level, this CTE programs allows anyone with an interest in dance to happily explore and learn new moves for various performances.


“Each student’s dance pathway is different and fits the needs of each individual.  No matter the journey each dancer is challenged and pushed to meet their own goals all while helping others throughout the process,” the Dance Director Leslie Patterson said. “Together we all achieve more.” 


While some students, like Giselle Ornelas, 12, decided to take the class to improve herself, others, like Liv Lopez, 12, refer to the class as a safe place, keeping her out of trouble and providing an escape to the stress of the outside world. 


“The program kind of kept me entertained. I had something to do, so I wasn’t out and about doing trouble or anything. It made me more involved with the school and I learned a lot of things I never thought I would in the program,” Lopez states. “I think for me dance is a lot about having control of your body and it connected to my personal life because I had it tough through my high school years. If I wasn’t in control in my life, I could at least be in control with my body.”


Both four year students agree that the highlights of the class would have to be the companionships built from the hard work put into the classes.


“It’s getting to express your inner feelings in a way and making new friends—it’s one of the best things I’ve experienced in my high school career,” Ornelas said. 


As life continues past high school, it’s safe to say that this course will remain with them for the rest of their life.