Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas <3

Valerie Mora, Editor-In-Chief

With Valentine’s day coming around many students are buying their loved ones or partners gifts. Many people don’t know what to get, so here are a few easy, available ideas for Downey high school students to get/make for those they love the most. 

  1. Write a love letter

A great way to show your love is through words, and there’s nothing like a love letter to show your love toward your partner, friend or loved one.

Ideas of what to talk about~

  • Past memories
  • When you first met
  • Why they mean so much to you
  1. 2. Get them a Teddy Bear Gram

Almost everyone loves a teddy bear to cuddle with, so there’s nothing to say I love you like a teddy bear to cuddle with. Conveniently, our Downey Yearbook is selling large and small bear grams at A lunch and B Lunch, and the deadline is February 11th to buy a bear.  Extra tip: Spray your perfume/cologne/sent on it so it reminds your loved one of you.  

         3. Buy them a carnation gram

Flowers are simple yet beautiful and thoughtful gifts that anyone will enjoy, to smell or just to look at. Luckily carnation grams are being sold at A lunch and B lunch for 5 dollars to give your loved one a sweet surprise during the school day.