New Downey Animal Rescue Club

Gabriela Guzman, Writer

Many animal rescue groups are run by volunteers to help animals in need, like the Animal Rescue Club. It is important to help animal rescue organizations because many animals suffer from being used for entertainment, medicine, fashion, scientific advancements, and as exotic pets. Animal rescue organizations help save the animals and allow them to have a better life. They also need people who are willing to adopt or foster due to shelters being overcrowded. 


Hoping to make a difference, Jenna Trujillo, 12, president, created the Animal Rescue club to help animals off the streets into new loving homes. She believes bringing animals found in the streets will help provide a safer environment where they will be provided food and shelter and by joining the animal rescue club people are able to help animals in the community to get off the streets. 


“Our goal is to help as many animals as we can. It’s important that we spread awareness about all animals that are abused” Trujillo said. “Helping animals allows me and others to help make a change in our community.” 


Beside with Trujillo, Lialexie Kartchner, 12, vice president, believes that Animal Rescue Club’s goal is to better the community by volunteering at animal shelters, spreading awareness, and donating to animals in need and by being apart of ARC, students are  involved in saving animals’  lives every step of the way.


“Many of us have a soft spot for our furry friends. Helping these friends will require kindness and generosity that will allow us to learn to treat our fellow human-friends in the same way” Kartchner said. “Overall, I believe that through this journey, we will become a more patient, compassionate, and selfless version of ourselves.”


Alongside with Kartchner, Mikaela Cruz, 12, secretary, says animal shelters need lots of supplies like food and animal hygiene materials to keep them clean and fed.


“The community can help animals on the streets by helping find their owners, offering them a home, or taking them to a shelter to be found and hopefully given an opportunity at a new life” Cruz said. “The ARC helps out the community by allowing opportunities to spend time with the animals rescued, and by helping fundraise for various animal rescue organizations.”


Joining the New Downey Animal Rescue Club will help students give back to the community and connect with some furry friends. Students may become a more patient, compassionate, and selfless version of themselves. Make sure to follow the Animal Rescue Club on Instagram @arc_dhs and join the Remind @23arc to make a difference.