Pursuing Interests: Artistic Endeavors

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

While some only view art as a hobby, many hope to turn it into a career.  From aspiring animators to comic hopefuls, Downey High School is a host to a wide variety of ambitious young artists.  


Their efforts do not go unnoticed as many of their teachers are quick to point out the potential found in their work. One of these talented students is senior Ashley Beach who finds comfort in the art that she creates.


“I think it [my art] is a good way to relieve my emotions and it helps me express my emotions,” Beach said. “It is fun and I enjoy myself.”


Not every artist on campus turns to art purely for solace; some, like senior Carlos Arvizu hopes to one day turn his knowledge of digital and color pencil art into a career in the film industry.  


“This year I’ve gotten into color pencil art and now I’m getting into digital art,” Arvizu said. “… I want to pursue digital animation and someday work at Disney’s animation studio.”


With such a high concentration of young artists, these up-and-comers need to find a way to distinguish themselves from the crowd. This competition drives the creators to create a unique style that is all their own.  


Aspiring animator Diana Torres, 10, is confident in her ability to create a style that is distinctly her own.   


I don’t tend to be realistic. Many artists tend to stay on the realistic side in their work,” Torres said. “I like to go into imaginary words and find something in between reality and imagination.”


Art has always been a vehicle for individuals to express their feelings and emotions; it is only in recent years that people have been given the opportunity to make a career out of it. While Downey’s young artists have passion and drive in no short supply, only time will tell if they will achieve their dreams.