The Sounds of Downey: Alaska

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

Music and the youth have always gone hand-in-hand. For decades, the influence of one’s favorite artists has driven them to start bands with other like-minded individuals and express their creativity.


One such individual is senior Julian Martinez, founding member and singer-songwriter of the newly formed band, Alaska. The band consists of Martinez, senior Javier Beltran on bass, senior Noah Roybal on drums, and college sophomore Andy Hernandez on guitar.


Though they are a rock band at their core, Martinez does not think he should be the one to categorize the band’s sound, instead leaving that to the listener.


“I don’t know how to describe it [Alaska’s sound],” Martinez said. “There is just a lot of feeling and energy there. In the end, it just comes down to the listener.”   


While still a new band, Martinez has grand ambitions for his project. He hopes to record and take his music from the cramped spaces of local venues to the ears of the vast Los Angeles music scene.


“My main priority is to record. Just record as much as possible.” Martinez said. “It lets you have a physical copy…I want to have a physical copy to put in the right hands because I want to play songs in L.A and places like that.”


Despite having plans for a potential career in the music industry, Alaska is still one of the many bands playing together purely for their collective love of music. The sense of satisfaction that the members get out of their music is a sensation they can only get from doing what they love and a feeling Martinez invites all to join in.    


“Play your instrument as much as you can,” Martinez said. “See what works, see what doesn’t. Try to play with as many people as you can. Whether they’re beginners or not, just give them a chance. There’s not as many musicians in Downey as their should be. Introduce music to other people and see if they’re interested. That’s how music starts.”


Alaska is currently working on brand new original material.