The Downey Legend

The Sounds of Downey: Alaska

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

February 5, 2019

Music and the youth have always gone hand-in-hand. For decades, the influence of one’s favorite artists has driven them to start bands with other like-minded individuals and express their creativity.   One such individual is senior Julian Martinez, founding member and singer-songwriter of th...

5 Questions with Mrs. Bean

5 Questions with Mrs. Bean

Sophie Prettyman, Staff Writer

May 15, 2015

Downey High English and poetry teacher Josette Bean did not grow up basking in the warm California sun, eating popsicles to beat the heat in the shade of palm trees, but in the chilly town of Wasilla, Alaska. She recalls memories of her life in Alaska and how she came to live in California.   Q1:...

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