Preparing for College

Valeria Ostorga, Writer

As of June, most Downey High School graduates will begin their first summer out of high school and soon start college in the fall. Some students have chosen to study far from home while others decide to stay close. With the upcoming change, Downey High School seniors share of how they are preparing for college.


Amanda Hernandez, 12, explains how she believes that her family dynamic will change once she leaves to Cal State Los Angeles.


“Yes, I will be housing at Cal State LA and I believe that I move in at the start of August,” Hernandez said. “However, I do feel like my household will change once I’m gone. All throughout school I have always been the loudest in my family, so by leaving I feel like my house will be kind of quiet. Not to be conceded or anything but I know things will not be the same without me being home.”


Instead of focusing on how life will be like for her once in college, Hernandez focuses on her family. Here, she confesses on how she believes that her home environment will change. It is common for upcoming college freshman to worry about leaving their family. That is why several universities always provide information and help for the transition.


On the other hand, Emiliano Salomon, 12, talks about how believes his first month on college will go like.


“I will be moving to Yale in August and I believe that I will do okay for my first month in college,” Salomon said. “I mean it will be difficult to learn how to navigate throughout my new school and adjust to a new schedule. I’m just not too worried.”


As for Salomon, adjusting to college life does not seem daunting. That is why there are several mixed reviews on the topic of transitioning to college. Some students believe that the situation is difficult while other like Salomon think that it is difficult but doable.


Additionally, Ashley Ramos, 12, shares of how she is already making plans to move into college.


“Well, I go to orientation at UC Davis around in July and then I move in September. It is all so exciting but I feel like reality will truly clicked once I start to pack. I have never lived away from home, so I will definitely have to adjust,” Ramos  said. “ I think that I might travel by car when I actually move in. I think it’s best because you save money and are capable of taking more belongings.”


Here, Ramos shares of how she plans on moving to college.  Since UC Davis is a six hour drive from Downey, she plans to use a car as a form of transportation. For her situation, this seems to be the most efficient way to move into college.


As Downey students are preparing themselves for college, some think about how they will do once in college while others have already thought of how they will make that transition. Some students are staying close such as Cal State La, some farther such as Northern California in UC Davis, and other are going to study thousands of miles away from Downey. However far they might go, most student will soon begin to prepare themselves for college.