Applying to College

Cesar Lopez, Writer

As the start of Autumn comes, so does the college application process. The CSU/UC applications have opened since October 1st and remain open until November 30th. California Community College has no deadline but, applying early is encouraged. The FAFSA application has also opened and will remain open until June 30th. Some seniors throughout California feel the lengthy and distressful process of applying. Seniors at Downey High School, share what applying feels to them and why they are applying. 


College is a huge decision, if you’re going to attend you should be confident you want to go. Isis Robles, 12, gives insight into what college she hopes to be accepted into. 


 “My dream college is UCLA because I believe it offers the best chemistry and medical programs in California.” Robles stated, “I want to go to college to give myself a better future and be successful in life.”


Some people from a very young age know what career path they want to follow, Yahara Munoz, 12, is one of those people. 


“Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a detective, I always had a mind that was determined to solve anything.” Munoz stated, “I would watch the show Law and Order: SVU with my mother while growing up and was always fascinated with the work that they used to do on the show.” 


The college application process is not an easy one as many parts such as essays, teacher recommendations, and FAFSA are required to take. Miguel Gamboa, 12, explains what it’s been like for him. 


“Since I’m only applying to Cal State Universities I don’t need to write any essays which I’m glad about.” Gamboa stated, “the more challenging part of the process has definitely been trying to get my parent’s information for FAFSA.”


For Downey High School seniors, there are upcoming workshop nights for FAFSA and other college relating things that can help make your life easier.