Downey’s 2022 Senior Shades Day

Denise Rodriguez and Miranda Ortiz

Downey High School hosts Senior Day every 22nd of the month to make seniors feel involved and special for their last year of high school. On March 22, 2022, the theme was bring your senior shades. 


Hailey Boyd, 12, states that, “Senior day makes me feel happy and it makes me feel like I’m actually having fun. It gives me something to do–it’s just fun.”

“Senior day makes me feel creative and it also makes me very happy. I feel like it’s acknowledging us seniors in our final moments here,” Abigail Bonillas, 12, says. 











“Senior day makes me feel sort of special- I feel like it’s a miniature holiday for us seniors. I think it’s cool how there are different themes every month” Arissa Montes, 12 says. “It’s fun seeing a lot of people dress up and participate for this day and it’s exciting because it is also another way for us to create memories for our last year in high school.”