Last Semester for the Class of 2022

Daniela Varela, Photographer

As the end of the school year is approaching, seniors are being asked about their thoughts on their last semester of their high school career. Evidently, this second semester began with a rough start especially with the rise of Covid-19 cases as it affected not only students but parents, teachers, and faculty members. By interviewing these seniors, an opportunity is given to get an insight on their lives and what they do to relieve stress and enjoy the remainder of their time at Downey High School.

Alexis Alvarado, 12, is an involved individual who participates in soccer at Downey High while also juggling the AP Art course to enhance her skills. On January 18, 2022 Alvarado tells us about her school life and what she does to help her feel better, “I’m on the girls soccer team. The sport really takes my mind off the stress and worry for this year. I’m also in AP Art, so even though I have to do it, I still find time to do it outside of the classroom. It’s a coping mechanism I’ve acquired throughout the school years.” This busy senior explains how both soccer and art are vital parts of her school life, as well as her personal life. She also gives us insight on her feelings about all the absences in her classes, “Honestly everything feels a bit off. I don’t necessarily mind since I understand the situation, but it still sucks when the class is so small and empty.” Alvarado continues speaking about her senior life when she says, “I’m genuinely looking forward to getting through another semester and moving on with my life. I’m sure prom and everything is cool but it’s not that big of a deal to me.”

Giselle Campos, 12, as a cheer captain, dedicates time to her passion for cheering and challenges herself academically with AP Seminar. On January 7, 2022 Campos shared a word about her cheer experience, “I am part of the cheer team and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made my senior year.” Along with that, she is hopeful that her last semester will be “enjoyable” despite how “shocking it is to see how many people in [her]classes got Covid or how many have been exposed… it’s a bit overwhelming.” Campos reveals that she copes with Covid situations by “delivering food to family and friends that can’t go out due to Covid, [since] I was in the same boat last year and it’s nice to help others too.” Lastly, the cheer captain says that she looks “forward to Prom and all other fun events in the future.”

Arissa Montes, 12, is a prospective college freshman and a busy student at Downey High School who informs us about her senior year on January 18, 2022. Montes speaks about her last semester at Downey High and how it’s affecting her emotionally, “I’m pretty nervous about getting towards the end of my last semester to graduate and see what my future holds for me.” She adds on about reminiscing about high school experiences and getting to experience them for the last time, “I’m excited to be done with high school but also sad at the same time not wanting to leave. I’m looking back and realizing school was actually smooth and easy-going but now that I’m heading to college it’s going to be pretty difficult to be on our own.” Along with Campos, Montes is also thrilled to experience senior activities and get to enjoy her last experiences here at Downey High, “I’m excited for senior activities and personally to take advantage of my time here at school and enjoy my free time to do whatever I want.”