El Jefe

Ashley Hernandez, Photographer

With the football season coming to an end, Downey High School can stand proud of what our football team has accomplished. Our Vikings on the field, led by Ian Hernandez, jersey #10, showed great resilience and exceeded fans’ expectations. The Downey Football team is now entitled as the CIF and runner-up Regional Champions after overcoming struggles and challenges throughout time. 

Hernandez had the honor to choose the CIF ring for the team. “It was exciting, you know, knowing that I could represent my team in that way knowing that everyone worked so hard for one goal and we accomplished it and it finally happened,” stated Hernandez. The CIF ring is a thick ring designed with many diamonds and Downey symbols engraved on it.

“In the moment it felt surreal, worked all season since last February, practicing at school with friends and coaches…working out in the mornings. I feel amazing knowing that it finally paid off” said Hernandez. In this year’s football season Ian Hernandez has 757 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns.

Ian Hernandez always came mentally prepared for all of the games, usually, people are nervous but he’s more excited than anything to be playing the sport he loves. Hernandez began playing football with his father, a previous player, and his brother. His love for football is rooted from having a family of football players. In fact, he began playing flag football at the age of 4 and tackle at the age of 6 where his interest slowly became his passion. Throughout his high school years, he played the sport and played in the varsity team starting his sophomore year. Hernandez considers starting on varsity the last three years as a huge accomplishment. He got into varsity his sophomore year and has played ever since. He describes the last three years as one of his biggest accomplishments. 


Hernandez had the opportunity to play football with his brother, Chris Hernandez, during his sophomore year of high school, “…catching a pass from my brother, against Downey vs Warren, basically started the whole comeback.” said Hernandez, which is his favorite football memory. The captain’s family has always played a huge role with the involvement of his football career “…my family, the support they have for me is amazing”  says Hernandez. What about his family on the field, who are not blood-related? 

The aspect of having the chance to create such great memories and amazing friendships with his teammates is something that Hernandez will always cherish. Although he is thankful for his team as a whole, he appreciates these players the most: Marco Navarrete, Andrew Reyes, and Bryant Carey. Although these are the ones he shouted out, his whole team contributed to his success. As his time here as a varsity football captain comes to an end, Ian Hernandez may rest easy knowing his legacy will live on.