Downey High Varsity Girls Volleyball Defeats Warren, Again

Kailani Fletcher and Kimberly Moreno

Downey High’s Varsity Girls Volleyball team tasted success after beating Warren at home in the annual Dig Pink game that took place on September 28th, 2021. With that momentum, the Vikings headed into Warren’s territory on October 15, 2021 to face their rivals once again and play their last game of the season. The league title was on the line, and the Varsity team came ready to play a clean game.


“There is a lot more pressure. We have to work even harder than at home. If we all want it really badly, then we can beat them,” Senior Isabella Carrasco explained. “We need to go three straight sets and not get caught up in our mistakes.” Although the drive was there, Warren won the first set after a game that was riddled with excitement and energy from every player and the crowd. 


Despite the minor setback, the Vikings came back with an intensity. During the second set, the girls banded together and pushed to exploit any weakness in Warren’s defense. With strong hits and strategic passes, Downey was able to win the second set. After their success, the Vikings headed into a chaotic third set. Varsity Captain Natalie Lois, 12, looked back on the mayhem with a certain fondness. “There were so many crazy rallies,” Lois stated. “Someone would dive, shoot the ball across the court. There were all of these unexpected plays that were really interesting to be a part of.” 

All of that energy made the game exciting for players and crowd members alike. Tensions were high between referees and coaches, but in spite of the unrest, the Vikings pulled through the third set with a victory. 


The fourth set was a close one, and the momentum was in Warren’s favor for the majority of the set. “There was a moment of doubt when I saw some of my teammates frustrated with their hitting and were not confident in themselves,” Carrasco revealed. “I reminded them to keep focus and to not worry about their mistakes”. This mindset aided them to victory as Downey worked hard on offense. With numerous hits from Lois, Warren’s defense and morale started to crumble. The roars from the crowd were intense and the score grew exceedingly close. After a tough battle on both sides, Lois made the killing hit to end the fourth set in the Vikings’ favor. 


“Winning was bittersweet,” Lois expressed. “I was sad considering it was our last league game, our last Downey versus Warren as seniors. I was sad to know that it was over, but with CIF coming up I know it’s not all over yet.” Downey High’s Varsity Volleyball team plans to take the intensity up a notch and represent their school as long as they can in CIF competition.