Tips to Cure Senioritis

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

As a fellow senior at Downey High, the senioritis disease is neither a joke nor a myth. Senioritis can be described as losing motivation from finishing homework assignments as the time nears for one’s graduation. It is always important to pay attention to your mental health during this time and practice stress-relieving actions to regain motivation. Here are my top 3 tips that help with senioritis.

1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments
Having to have made it to your senior year of school is a challenging task and should be acknowledged as something great. It’s nice to reflect on how far you’ve come when meeting your goals and this can be used to remotivate yourself into finishing your last semester. An easy way to do this is by hanging up any acceptance letters around your house as a reminder of your hard work. These acceptance letters could be jeopardized if you slack off, so looking at them will always remind you to keep on going.

2. Set Goals
Setting goals is an easy thing to do, but it is always good to make sure those goals of yours are realistic and achievable. You know yourself best, meaning that you know your limits and keep them in mind when setting goals. The goals could be as small as promising yourself to turn in every assignment and every time you do so it’s rewarding and motivating. It is also important to mention that if you do end up not achieving your goals you must remind yourself that you tried your best and that failure is just a mere lesson. Many people may struggle with over-expectations of themselves, but it’s okay to not meet expectations and it is never the end of the world.

3. Self-Care
Self-care is very different from person to person, and only you yourself can know what you need to feel happy. Everyone has different hobbies in which they enjoy decompressing; from exercising, shopping, cooking, skating, reading, gaming, art, etc… Whatever it may be that you enjoy that lets your mind go stress-free- do it! Making sure that you are happy during these demotivating times is very important.

Only a few more weeks of school are left for our seniors this year! It is very exciting to be in a new chapter of our lives in just a few months, so do the best you can to survive just a few more weeks. You got this, seniors!