Goodbye Seniors

Alexandra Rapalo, Writer

With the year coming to an end, excitement is fluttering on campus as seniors get ready for their last few weeks of high school, senior activities, and graduation. These four years have been a learning experience and a time of growth in preparation for the next chapter in their lives.


With the start of the rest of their next journey just around the corner seniors are looking forward to not having the stress and pressures that come along with the school year as well as delighting in these final moments with their friends.


Adrianna Sandoval, 12, is looking forward to “not having to wake up early and no longer being stressed out,” Sandoval said. “Also, hanging out with my friends over the summer who I know are going to be going far away and just enjoying our last moments together.”


They also cannot wait to see what the future has in store for their peers.


Michael Cabrera, 12, cannot wait, “to see everyone succeed and get prepared for this next adventure in their lives.”


Senior year also comes with life lessons and teaches you to appreciate the time you get with your friends. When looking back through the years, Cabrera regretted taking his underclassmen years for granted and had some advice for the underclassmen.


“Take advantage and enjoy every moment because it goes by fast.” Cabrera said. He also added that the best part is: “meeting a bunch of new people.”


So as far as being an underclassmen goes, remember to value every minute and do not try to rush into senior year, it will come with time.


High school also comes with many special moments and memories unique to each individual.


John Vivanco, 12, specifically remembers a time with his friends during sophomore year when, “We went to Santa Monica for my friend Jacob’s birthday and a homeless guy tried to fight me,” Vivanco said. Also when, “I snuck out with my friends for the first time and almost ended up killing us because it was also my first time going on the freeway.”


Through the ups and downs of high school and the good and bad decisions he’s made, Vivanco said he would do it all again.


High school can be hard at times, but with a positive outlook it can be some of the best years of people’s lives.

There are a variety of ways one can describe a significant time in their life and this is evident when these students were asked to describe their senior year in just three words.


Sandoval said it was, “Adventurous, stressful, and worth it,” Cabrera described it as, “Epic, fast, and great.”and Vivanco gave more of an interesting answer: “One hot mess.”
Everyone’s four years of high school are different and exciting in their own ways; high school is essentially what you make it. Take it from a senior: it goes by quickly and you may want to grow up already, but remember that you only get to live these years once. Make sure to maximize the time you do have; I wish everyone good luck and success in their voyage through life.