Prom Walks Down the Runway

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer

FIDM Fashion Club held its first fashion show on Friday, April 22, in the DHS theater, where this event intended to show and inspire the audience with regards to possible outfits for this year’s prom. The show was successful with a full house and no mishaps.


Prior to this year the prom fashion show was organized by Downey ASB. For the 2016 Prom Fashion Show that responsibility was given to the fashion club. This year’s prom theme is masquerade, and the shows’ stylists decided to make it nothing more than glamorous. Glamour Gowns collaborated with the ladies and Downey Rent-A-Tux collaborated with the guys for their outfits.


Valerie DeAnda, 11, a model participating in the show as well as the only junior, was excited to walk down the runway prior to this event.


“I’m most excited about modeling itself. When I get in front of people at school it’s either because I have to present or because I’m getting crazy,” DeAnda said, “but with modeling, it’s different. It’s a new feeling! I suppose I feel elegant.”


After all the models had their solo walk down the runway, it was time to see the couples walk out together. The theater lights went out, giving a feeling of suspense as to what was coming next. Simultaneously, the spotlight and the music turned on revealing Daevon Vigilant, 12, in a white tuxedo, bent down on one knee holding out a rose, and facing him was Yasaman Peyvandi, 12.


In that instant, the crowd roared and was one of the stand out moments of the show.


“I thought it was a fun, memorable moment,” Peyvandi said. “I expected that excited reaction from the crowd. The show was really fun and that reaction only made everyone more comfortable in that moment.”


As a special surprise segment of the show, the male models were to compete against each other to see who could win a free rental tux from Downey Rent-A-Tux. The models were to walk out with their best catwalk to get the crowd’s support, as they were choosing the winner.


One by one the guys came out strutting their stuff to get the crowd’s support. Hinckley Ropati, 12, made a smooth entrance by doing the moonwalk. This not only excited the crowd, but earned him the free rental tuxedo.


“It felt really good to win because I felt like the lucky one. Walking down the runway was nerve racking, but when I heard how much the crowd was into it, it was fun,” Ropati said. “I really recommend more people try for it because it’s a really fun experience.”


One of three club advisers, Ms. Fresquez, helped behind the scenes during the show, helping with the models walk and with the music. She was heavily involved and expected the show to live up to the hype.


“I am very pleased with the outcome. Everything went as well as it could have! It was more than I imagined it would be. The turnout alone was so incredible! The models pulled through and the club did an amazing job with the final presentation,” Fresquez said. “There’s a ton of ideas that would improve what we already started: from choreography, to special acts and even some surprise appearances. Hopefully we have established that the Fashion Club’s Prom Fashion Show is something to be a part of.”


Club president, Maria Hernandez, 12, worked hand-in-hand with the shows sponsors, Downey Rent-A-Tux and Glamour Gowns. Her long and hard work only added to her anticipation before the biggest project the fashion club has prepared for actually happened.


“After about a year of planning, and going back and forth with our sponsors, it seemed like forever, but to know it’s tomorrow has me on a roller coaster of mixed emotions,” Hernandez said. “The pressure is on, but I know it will be a day to remember.”


The atmosphere in the theater was euphoric. The audience cheered and whistled for every model. FIDM Fashion Club’s first fashion show was a success, and Downey High’s students should keep an eye out for next year’s fashion show.


FIDM Fashion Club meets every Tuesday in Mr. Casarez’s room B-105. New members are always welcome.