The Doo Rons

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Doo Rons is an all girl band that started in 2014 by vintage fashion enthusiasts who were inspired by the 50s and 60s girl group sound of rock ‘n’ roll infused with a bit of garage and punk music.


It all started with the lead singer, Stephanie Castenada, meeting Angeline Doctor through Instagram because they shared similar style of clothing, music and age. Once she knew Doctor could play the guitar, they both decided to meet up to play music together. When they met they talked about their love for The Beatles and their aspirations that replicate vintage music. After performing at two of The Beatles fan festivals, they were sure about forming a band together.


“We wanted to create a vintage inspired band,” Castenada said. “We found a mesh where we combine both of the elements of punk rock and vintage music.”


Both Castenada and Doctor wanted to do something similar with replicating 60s vintage music. “Da Doo Ron Ron” by the all-female band, The Crystals, inspired their band name, The Doo Rons.


“The reason we wanted to be an all-girl band was because it is more uncommon to see a girl band rather than a boy band,” Castenada said. “We want to empower women.”


Soon Castaneda and Doctor asked two other people to join in with the group. They decided to ask Doctor’s sister, Madeline Doctor, to perform as a guitarist.


“She’s actually pretty good in electric guitar,” Doctor said, “Which is something I still need to work on.”


Recently the three girls decided to add a drummer to the band, Jessie Martinez. Castenada and Martinez are both seniors at Downey High and have been friends since their freshman year. Castenada knew that Martinez would be the best fit for the band and the other girls agreed.


“I usually play [the drums] for church,” Martinez said, “but with the girls it’s so cool because there is so much adrenaline and it’s more at a faster pace.”


Although Martinez is the only female in the band that does not dress as if she lived in the 50s and 60s, she still dresses up when they perform.


The girls want to empower young women by performing vintage, punk rock and rockabilly music in their own powerful and feminine style. They hope to share their unique vibe with new crowds by playing more local gigs. Yeah, our hearts stood still. Yes, their name was the Doo Rons.