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Julissa Villalobos

Julissa Villalobos, Photo Editor

Ever since the trip to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) with her grandma to an art exhibition, senior Julissa Villalobos has known that art is something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.After seen all those massive painting done by Latina women, Villabos was inspired to chase her dreams.


“Anything that anyone can express himself or herself with can be art really… from

Afros to oil paintings,” Villalobos said. “You don’t decide to be an artist you are born an artist.”


Growing up with a massive influence from her grandma who never shielded her from

the real world and never growning up . Villalobos was able to comprehend that art is not perfect and see that a color is more than just it’s literal meaning. She has constantly keept trying because she loves art so much she throws herself at it in hopes for the best.


Sarah Noel, best friend of Villalobos ever since the eighth grade talked about her close

friend with such admiration.


“It’s how she can unwind and really let herself be free,”

Noel said. “If you watch her when she’s doing something she loves whether it be

talking to her friends or working on her art, you can see that focus and passion in

her eyes… it’s really amazing.”


Art will always be a huge part of her life even if she chooses not to fully focus on it

after high school. Art allows her to create amazing things that will take your breath away,

that is why people who are close to her have all the confidence on the world that

one day she will go as far, as long as she believes in herself.


During Villalobos junior year she met the person who came to be her mentor, Mr. Rios

he, happened to grow up with the influence from his

father who was a painter himself. Mr. Rios was able to see all the potential Julissa



“It’s palpable; like the way tension feels in a room, only hers is positive, excited. Her

eyes brighten up. It’s visceral. You can see that it occupies her fully,” Rios said.

“That’s the way it should be for any passion- is it’s not everything, it’s nothing.”


Villalobos passion for art goes beyond a simple “I like art.” For her it is a way of life,

something that when in a bad mood, it would instantly calm her down. She can see


behind the meaning of a simple object. Although she might or might not do it fully it

will always occupy a space in her heart. When talking to her she makes you want to

go out there to find what you love and for it for the rest of your life.


Soon to graduate, Villalobos plans her future exquisitely, just like any other she plans

to go to college, and continue to pursue her artistic aspirations no matter what the

future may bring whether it is struggles or achievements art will always fully

occupy her.

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Julissa Villalobos