Paint and Cookies

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Stay Gallery appeals to our sense of sight providing beautiful pieces of art but on Friday, Feb. 12, they hosted a Paint and Cookies event which not only appealed to our sense of taste but our hearts as well.


Art is universally appreciated but not always accessible. The Stay Gallery seeks to remedy this by providing step by step guided lessons to the community’s moms and their kids so that they have a chance to take home a piece of art. Art Director and curator, Ana Godinez, was in charge of leading this special mommy and me event.


“We’re trying to engage the community with art,” Godinez said. “We just want parents to be able to connect with their kids through art.”


Godinez was not the only one who felt that the presence of art was long overdue – the event on Friday, Feb. 12, was so popular that it sold out. The gallery was abuzz with mothers and their children enjoying cookies courtesy of Meli’s Sweet Shop and painting their very own trees jeweled with red blossoms and against the backdrop of a full moon. On Friday the energy and creativity flowed through the dialogue and amateur brushstrokes of the participants.


“I’m trying to paint a tree,” five year old, Zayn Shiu, said. “I paint at home but I don’t paint on these kind of things [canvases].”


Although the Stay Gallery’s child oriented paint sessions are a start, Godinez is ambitious and hopes to hold more art events for the community.


“Maybe they will not always be ‘mommy and me’ painting, but it could be ‘mommy and me’ sculptures or some sort of activity,” Godinez said. “We just want parents to be able to connect with their kids through art.”


The Stay Gallery seeks to ensure that art appreciation does not stop when you leave the gallery. They believe that art education is an important aspect for both children and adults not only through school, but also in public spaces and at home.


“I think it’s fabulous; I think it’s a neat way to spend time with your children,” parent participant, Sidney Shiu, said. “I think it’s great and close by. I hope the gallery continues to do events like this.”


Godinez and the staff of the Stay Gallery saw a need in the community and strived to fulfill it – and the community obviously agreed.