Banding Together

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The last winter performance for the Downey band was on Saturday, Dec. 9 performed at the Downey Civic Theatre, and senior band members feel their year is coming to an end just as fast their season ended.


Senior, Steven Kuyper, has been in band and Wind Ensemble at Downey since his freshman year. He is the drumline major, currently plays the clarinet, and has been the section leader for the clarinet section since his junior year.


“What I do is try to help out the other members in the section by becoming better musicians,” Kuyper said, “and of course, hopefully one of them will be willing and capable of taking over my position once I leave.”


Senior, Iliana Resendiz, is also a section leader for the trombone section and would like to continue and pursue in band after graduating this June. She explains her emotions towards her past season.


“I am very emotional and sad that my last marching season has come to an end,” Resendiz said, “I made a lot of great memories and friends this past season.”


Similarly, senior, Maricela Navarro, feels nostalgic about her last marching season but is looking forward to joining another band group after her senior year.


“I plan on joining Drum Corps International after I graduate,” Navarro said, “I was offered a spot in the blue devils B corps.”


Concert season began on Mon., January 4, and band members are preparing for their next performance in May.