Studying for Better SAT Scores

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, which demonstrates what students learned in school and their readiness for college-level work has driven Downey High School students to thrive to get high scores. The last SAT was on Oct. 3 and students were dedicating their time to study.


“I believe all my hard work will benefit me,” senior, Brittany Reynoso, said. “I usually get home and look over some questions then go back and forth with studying and doing my homework. I also make time by scheduling study sessions with my friends so that they will motivate me to study and not get distracted.”


Although Reynoso has very little time to study because of college applications, homework, and sports, she still manages to take advantage of anytime she gets. She also finds study sessions helpful to get a higher score on the test.


“The first time I took the SAT I went into it not knowing anything about the test and I received a low score,” senior, Vanessa Lynch, said. “Now that I am actually preparing for the test I feel like I can do significantly better than my first time.”


Lynch believes that there is so much to study in a limited time. With all the added stress of school and being in extra curricular activities, she makes time to study at the library after school and during the weekends. She hopes to earn a higher score than she did her first time to pursue her college career. After senior year, Lynch’s plan is to go to college outside of Los Angeles and earn her Masters degree.


“The added stress from the SAT is challenging for me because my whole month has been very busy,” senior, Alyssa Skobis, said. “With getting ready for college and playing soccer it’s hard to find time to actually focus my attention on one thing, when there is so much going on.”


Skobis makes time to study for the SAT by sacrificing on missing a day at practice. She also prioritizes and plans everything out beforehand so she can spend time on her homework.


The test determines students’ readiness for college, so students study to get higher scores to be accepted into the college of their dreams. With all their added stress from homework they find time to study after school at the library.


Students receive their test scores two weeks after the test date. The next SAT date is on Sat., Nov. 7, these scores will be available on the College Board website.