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Brandon Guerrero

Brandon Guerrero, Staff Writer

Having a mom work as a labor and delivery nurse took an unexpected turn for senior, Brandon Guerrero, because he did not know he was about to live an adventurous life, as he got to see different cultures within the world.

Guerrero has gathered memories and has embraced each state and country that he has visited. Guerrero has taken trips across the world, one being China. During those trips it has brought him to learn that even in a different country there are a number of diverse cultures and customs.


“When my mom and I were visiting China, we were walking around the town,” Guerrero said, “when this Chinese girl slowly approached us and signal us the a peace sign with her hand.”


Traveling around the world gave Guerrero new and unforgettable memories. He was astonished with Virginia’s historical buildings, because it was something Guerrero had never seen before; it was as if time stood still.

“Traveling to new places is like a different world” Guerrero said, “ Virginia made me feel like I was time traveling, because everything was old and rustic.”


“We love to travel as a family,” Kimberly Piper, Guerrero’s mom said, “because we like to see new and adventurous places.”


In the beginning Guerrero had no choice but to travel a lot, since his mother is a labor delivery nurse and they had to continually be moving around the states. At first, it was a struggle to constantly start fresh and never settle down, but now he craves this lifestyle.

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Brandon Guerrero