No Maybes

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Girls soccer began their pre-season on Thurs., Dec. 2 against Long Beach Poly, and although the varsity team ended with a strong tie, the girls still began their pre-season with a victory.


During the game, they focused on their main goal: to become a better team. The girls did not give up because they knew that every minute in the game was critical.


“I think this season will be good for us because we have a lot of motivation and ambition,” Alyssa Skobis, 12, said. “My teammates this season have a lot of heart and I feel like we will take it all this year.”


The athletes have a similar mindset in which to excel by challenging their capabilities and constantly becoming better players surrounding them by their motivated teammates.


“There are a few new girls this season,” Rebecca Powell, 12, said, “so far we have a strong bond and we all have potential; we just need to work as a family.”


Recently coined by the U.S. women’s national soccer team’s slogan, “no maybes” the soccer program at Downey has been spreading #NOMAYBES all over social media to share their devotion and desire in becoming better soccer players.


“We like to say no maybes because it basically means don’t doubt yourself,” Brittany Reynoso, 12, said, “and to commit to whatever you want to do.”


Their discipline, desire, and determination is what makes them prepared to have a successful season. They will be facing their next opponent on Tues., Dec. 8 against Lakewood.