To ask or to be asked

Senior Jaime Garcia asked senior Grace Choi to prom, on May 22 at snack, using green balloons to symbolize the green light featured in The Great Gatsby, which ties into this years prom theme: The Roaring 20s. “It took a lot of planning and thinking in order to get everything perfect,” Garcia said, “but at the end of the day, it was all worth it.”

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

As the biggest dance of the year approaches, Downey High students are anxious to ask or to be asked to prom. Once ticket sales are announced, the hunt is on to find cool and unique ways to ask that special someone.


As senior girls struggle to get their prom necessities, their future dates are on a secret mission. Senior Aryana Dantic was taken by surprise when her long time friend, Nikolas Gettler asked her to prom. Gettler did not ask with a poster, which is the typical method for promposals, but wrote a long, heartfelt poem to his date, Dantic.


“I was so shocked; I didn’t see it coming at all,” Dantic said. “The envelope said ‘For your eyes only’ but the first thing I did was put it on Twitter!”


The two attended their first high school dance together and will be joining each other for their last.


For guys, asking isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a stressful and long-planned event.

Senior Chris Blanton asked his date, Cristal Pulido, 12, by creating a big scene in the middle of the quad at snack. Blanton had his close friends help while they each held a word, spelling out ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ Blanton stood at the end holding a bouquet of flowers with the school’s drumline playing in the back.


“It took me four weeks to plan how I was going to ask her,” Blanton said. “I felt really nervous but excited because I knew I was gonna have the best proposal at Downey.”


Although some couples enjoy a big shebang for their promposals, some prefer a simple asking.


Senior Carla Vargas took a simpler route with her asking.


“If he is too chicken to ask me by next week, I’ll ask him myself,” Vargas said. “I don’t care.”


Now that students are finalizing their dates, the only things left are the finishing touches for prom. Seniors are planning to make June 6 a night to remember at The Park Plaza Hotel.