Art and Writing: Dealing with Anxiety

Diego Martinez and Carla Vente

On Tuesday, March. 10, the Downey High student body recognized the struggles of the average student and made the day full of awareness on the topic of anxiety. A student-lead gathering was held in A10, called Arts and Writing so their peers could relax and ease their stress into submission by painting, drawing, and making slime.


Many students were with their friends and were having conversations about their day, and Aiden Cuen, 11, was there to accompany his fellow peers that he knows suffer from daily stresses and anxieties. 


“I’m mainly here to give support and give a helping hand to support my friends,” said Cuen. “I want them to know that I really care and that I will always be here if they ever need help.”


Paper, paint, water, slime, understanding, and friends were all ingredients in the “de-stressing” activities, and senior Ashley Ovalle supported the reasons behind the event. 


“Awareness of anxiety is probably one of the most important things we can do as we are still in high school, and cannot do much about it,” Ovalle said. “Awareness gives people a chance to do something about the struggles others have to face in their lives.”


Ms. King attended to support the students’ decision to hold the gathering, and was mainly focused on making sure students felt welcome.

“It’s hard for students to differentiate between stress and anxiety, and it is important for them be aware of the difference,” King said. “We don’t tell people with weak ankles to suck it up, we support them, we tell them to try a lot of new things, we should start emphasizing new healthy habits of controlling anxiety and mental health.” 


Together with each other, the students were able to have a successful lunch away from their stress and their woes. If you or anybody else is dealing with excessive anxiety, do not be afraid to reach out to your friends and teachers.