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Boys Golf Season

Boys Golf Season

Jazmyn Contreras, Illustrator March 20, 2019

Larson East SELACO High in Downey High

Alexis Gutierrez, Writer February 22, 2019

Downey High has had a separate high school on its campus for decades called SELACO. Founded by a deaf man named Herb Larson in the late 1960s, it is under the Larson East PAU organization. SELCO is...

School Lunches

School Lunches

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist February 12, 2019

The artist behind the Love Letters exhibit, Maricela Avina, worked on her self-portrait and other paintings for 11 months before they could be displayed at the Stay Gallery on December 1st. “The love letter has kinda died where you’re physically writing a letter, now its like a text or an email, so I think the love letter is very personal,” Avina said, “…and the whole back in the Victorian days were the wax seal was a very special way of sealing that letter; whoever broke it, thats who it was meant for.”

Stay Gallery Hosts “Love Letters”

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief December 21, 2018

As a part of the Stay Gallery’s artist-outreach program, Maricela Avina opened her exhibit titled “Love Letters” on Dec. 1 on the Gallery’s premises. Drawing from the physicality of a declaration...

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist November 28, 2018

CIF Volleyball

CIF Volleyball

Sam Duque, Illustrator November 28, 2018

DHS Water Polo

DHS Water Polo

Jazmyn Contreras, Illustrator November 28, 2018

Senior and soccer fan, Sam Avila, questions why, after a decade, the rape allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo are just surfacing.  However, she believes that should more women come forward, the possibility of Ronaldo being suspended is high.  “As a soccer fan I don’t think they are true,” Avila said.  “There are a lot of unanswered questions and until there is proof I do not want to believe it.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 13, 2018

Rape, sexual assault, consent - all of these words have no longer become foreign to ears. This year has circulated around the #MeToo movement which has inspired women who have been sexually assaulted...

Wanting to find more information about various colleges, Emely Velasquez, 12, attended the DUSD College Fair on Oct. 23 at the Allen Layne Stadium. “The college representatives were there to answer any questions I had,” Velasquez said. “The representatives helped inform me about their colleges.”

DHS College Fair

Adrian Soto, Writer November 13, 2018

Due to the student interest in pursuing education after high school, Downey High School hosted the annual District Wide College Fair on Oct. 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. on the Allen Layne Stadium field.   California...

James Franco Allegations

Jesus Aguayo-Cerda, Writer November 2, 2018

Recently Hollywood has been rocked by allegations of mistreatment and misconduct by men in the television and film industry, and now former Freaks and Geeks star Busy Philipps has come forward with a story...

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