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Lily Nguyen

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist

As the lead comic artist for the Downey Legend this 2018-19 school year, sophomore Lily-Jane Nguyen hopes to use her outgoing nature along with her unnerving drive to further the newspaper and her peers.  “[I feel] a lot of pressure,” Nguyen said. “If they need me to teach, I will do my best… I’ve gained mileage.”   


Being a fresh member of the team, I didn’t know Lily at all nor was I confident to talk to her. Her inspirations were what caught my eye, seeing her so enthusiastic for her found passion of art, a passion that is so inspiring, admittedly made me jealous. When I first met Lily, it was the beginning of the year in the podcast room. The excitement she shared to work with the team made me realize how friendly she is. As time went on, I have noticed how creative, energetic, and bright Lily is. She is able to animate the classroom environment whether it be cracking a couple of jokes or being a helping hand.


Being friends with her over the year, I can tell you that she can find a way to connect any topic to art, which is quite charming. It is nearly impossible to know Lily without her devotion to art. There is no pauses or breaks when she is in the grind of completing her work, something I truly value. Lily is someone that is reliable and is able to put 110% of her effort whenever possible. I am so lucky to work with someone that would put the extra mile to make the podcast or article more appealing.


Lily doesn’t perceive life the same way you and I do. She sees shape, color, and shadows in every direction. A skill so unique, that she is able to render three-dimensional images in a two-dimensional space. Every day she is improving her ability in art whether it be perspective, proportion, or gesture. As any artist should be, she is eager to progress in her career, passion, dream, and life of art. I look forward in seeing the magnitude of visionary work she creates in the future.

-Adam Bhuiyan

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Lily Nguyen