The Poets’ Punch Behind the Slam

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist

On Feb. 27, 23 poets from Downey High performed at the 2019 Poetry Slam, a fundraiser hosted by the campus’ Writing Center, in the Downey High Theatre. The poets vary in almost every way. Each poet has a meaning. Each poet has a message. Each poet has a story.


Mel Mencos

Freshman Mel Mencos performs because of she felt connected to Instagram blogger, R.H. Sins. “I [recited] ‘Why I Kept You’ by R.H. Sins because it touches me, my emotions, and my story,” Mencos said. “This is a message to society and to my past relationship.”


Jahzelle Ford

Junior Jahzelle Ford writes about the unfortunate things in life and how one copes with it. “People forget about the good things that happen,” Ford stated. “This poem is about how bad things happen, how it sticks to our brain, [and] how when we look back we remember only the bad things.”


Ivan Guzman

Senior Ivan Guzman, 12, explains his inspirations and how nostalgia brings him to the drawing boards. “I listened to ‘Auditorium’ by Most Deaf when I was little, and now everytime I listen to a similar song I get inspired to write,” Guzman said. “I just write my thoughts down and when I focus on an idea, I get a fever and keep going.”


Julian Martinez

Member Julian Martinez, 12, of local band, Rosewood, sees poetry and music as part of a bigger concept: language. “Language [is] a way to communicate your innermost feelings and truths, and it’s the same for music and poetry,” Martinez stated. “For me, it’s hard to write a song in one sitting, but I like the chase and the challenge [of writing a song].”


Overall, the 2019 Poetry Slam had a large turnout. Students, teachers, and faculty members of all kinds went to the show.